Cbs-10Sv Cold Brew Coffee Jug (2016 Summer)

Cbs-10Sv Cold Brew Coffee Jug (2016 Summer)

sku: 1162052

Whenever you wish to make a cup of milder coffee with rich flavour, you can rely on the Cold brew coffee maker jug to do the job for you.

The cold brew jug is made of the highest quality heatproof glassware which contains no unnecessary component. Which makes it perfect for storing your coffee in the fridge for longer times. It has a metal filter mesh which is durable and easy to clean too.

The simple jug allows you to make cold brew coffee easily without any hassle. Just place your favourite coffee ground in to the filter, add some fresh water and leave it overnight to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee over ice or on its own in the morning.

Top Opening Diameter 88 mm

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1000 ml


103 × 152 × 310 mm