About Restomart

The establishment of Restomart in 1999 during the era of Asian Financial Crisis, was found as a challenging investment in Indonesia. Simply mentioned; politically, socially, and economically unstable as well as high exchange rate of dollar currency had indirectly imposed the mind of investors to make a distance with Indonesia. However, problem is just a matter of visual perspective which guided the founder, Mr. Thendy Susanto in revamping this situation as the first initiation to pursue more business.

Having a “never give up” spirit is such a natural grown attitude as Indonesians to keep fighting for better future despite all odds. Nevertheless, Indonesia is well-known for its culinary richness which always reminisce us to fill up the stomach in order to keep up with the changes. Looking at this beautiful culinary art which always stay varied, the founder had thought a brilliant way to support the society’s needs in wider scope.

Believe it or not, there are controversial comments lying around during that period; one of it was when some mentioned that it was risky to open new business during that time. However, it was perceived positively that it was the right time to go for it.

Being the manifestation of the risk-taking and opportunity-seizing strategies, Restomart made the stock in the factory available, reachable and affordable to people who take part in Indonesia’s wonderful culinary culture; varying from a professional chef in five star hotel or simply an amateur cook who want to start small business, parents who enjoy making daily meals for their family to big scale catering business.

The first store was opened at Jalan Gajahmada Semarang as one stop kitchen solution which serves not only the need but also the passion of our customers in

kitchen; from retail and project business to culinary art communities. Restomart craftsmanship is slowly perfected by its experience, hard work and partnership from traditional market to wholesalers.

Within a year of existence in growing market, Restomart spreaded its wings with the opening of second store at Plaza Gajahmada – Jakarta and third store at Jalan Kertajaya – Surabaya. Passionately concerned towards the culinary art communities, Restomart expanded its business from selling to teaching. The first Semarang store was moved to bigger location with the introduction of Gourmet House, the division which is responsible for cooking class with the inspiration of enhancing the cooking passion for society who love to cook or who would like to start home business.

As the institution under Nayati Group, Restomart was being merged with other company of Nayati Group in 2011 to serve not only retail industry but also to serve the project solution for institution and industry such as hospitals, hotels, and franchise restaurants. The business expansion took place in providing the customer service solution with the vision of increasing our customer satisfaction and strengthening the bond between us. This growth had also constantly pulled Jakarta branch to expand to bigger location at Batu Ceper in 2014.

Today, Restomart is a big family that consists of 3 retail stores in Semarang, Jakarta and Surabaya and 2 branch offices in Bandung and Bali. The fourth store in Bali will be gradually opened in 2016 and followed by the fifth store in Bandung.

Through sharing culinary tips and techniques, kitchen equipments and accessories by catering multi-customer based in home users, retail and project business, and also culinary art communities, we take part in Indonesia’s wonderful culinary culture. Restomart, one stop kitchen solution, is at your service.