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Pasta Station

Pasta Station is another special made Gourmet Master Kitchen Block designed to optimize pasta cooking processes. Starting with Pasta Cooker with Auto-Lifting, Bain Marie for maintaining the temperature of the ingredients, double zone flat induction, and neutral gastronomic pa container with cover. To complete the process, an under counter chiller is mounted below to keep the ingredients fresh. The design is optimized so that the capacity of the user is able to give twice output…

Unibody One Side

Every Gourmet Master is special, but none has been as ambitious as the Unibody kitchen block. Truly Ambitious, combined top panel and front panel in a unified part to maximize ease of cleaning as well as to keep it water tight, surely is not the normal standard. The electric deep fat fryer, wok induction, flat induction, and the plancha fry top with SSS heating system is completely in one flat seamless top panel. It doesn’t…

Oriental One Side

Oriental One Side Gourmet Master Kitchen Block. Designed with workflow principle of an oriental chef. The configuration consists of basic open burner, combination wok + soup holder with premix engine and as well as dim sum steamer with premix engine as well. All is gas powered. The wok and the steamer is configured with lowered basin for standard oriental cooking.