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Grandis Gourmet Master

Grandis Gourmet Master is a special four sided kitchen block that is designed for intensive meal preparation, cooking, and serving in big restaurant. The block is designed in such way that all four sides of the kitchen is utilized. It has its own deep frying station in one side, pasta cooker and fry top in two sides, hot top station in the other side, and at the serving side of the block is the twin…

Grandis Two Side with Overshelf

Grandis Two Side Gourmet Master with Overshelf. Combination module between gas and electric cooking appliances consisting of Gas Hot Top, Fry Top, and Electric Induction in one side and on the other side Open Burner, Fryer, and Pasta Cooker. On the top of the block, is a Overshelf with pipe shelf for temporary storage. Designed to cover various western cooking in one big central kitchen.


Oriental Western Combination

Modern restaurant needs to have capabilities to serve modern fusion menu, mix between oriental and western style cooking. In limited space, sometime having two separate kitchen is not an luxury that every restaurant can afford. Our customer requested a centralized kitchen mixing oriental and western style capacity into their arsenal. The Gourmet Master that was delivered to them consisted of Premix Steamer and Wok with Blower, and on the opposite side, a Gas Fryer, Gas…