Stainless Steel Measuring Cup 500ml

Stainless Steel Measuring Cup 500ml

sku: 2714153


  • Light Weight but Heavy Duty: Lighter than some heavy glass measuring cup with the same capacity. Wide mouth design of the cup, makes it so easy to clean and use.
  • Solid Grip: Great handle. The handle has great grip to hold the cup. The angled handle allows you to hold and pour liquid securely, and it is spot welded on. With closed handle, easy to store, just hang it on the wall of your kitchen.
  • Modern Look: The measuring cup has a sleek and smooth appearance and is great to use at home, restaurants, bars and parties. Whether cooking for your family or entertaining your friends, it is the perfect tool.


Additional Information


Stainless Steel


135 × 95 × 105 mm


191 g