Pressed Ironing System ST-702/U

Pressed Ironing System ST-702/U

sku: 0220215

Universal ironing press with cushioned floors . The descent of the upper floor is activated by pedal pressure , for maximum Operator`s and minimum maintenance requirements of simplicity . The plans are both steaming and the lower floor is aspiring . The movement of the upper head is operated by a pressure pedal, producing excellent results. Available either for connection to external steam and vacuum supplies or self-contained. The built-in boiler can be powered to be connected to a second machine.

Optional accessories:
1. Boiler
2. Aspirator
3. Iron group
4. Spotting arm

Additional Information


Sidi Mondial


230 V/1 or 400/3N/50Hz

Water Inlet

Hosepipe Ø 13 mm

Steam Inlet


Return Inlet


Steam Working Pressure

5 bar

Steam Consumption

16÷20 kg/hour

Central Vacuum Connection

Ø 48 mm

Vacuum Depression

200 mm H²o

Vacuum Air Consumption

360 m³/hour

Boiler Drain


Vacuum Outlet

Ø 100 mm

Heating Boiler

10÷12÷15÷18 kW

Iron Heating Element

0.8 kW


Vacuum 0.37 kW, Pump 0.6 kW

Overall Dimensions

1250 x 1150 mm


1400 × 1150 × 1400 mm


380000 g