Gas Tilting Pan NGTP 80 GR

Gas Tilting Pan NGTP 80 GR

sku: 0151092

Gas Tilting Pan is an excellent cooking appliance made of stainless steel frame supported by a mild steel cooking plate, especially uses 10 mm Thick Braising Pan SS 420. Total power rate of the unit is 21 kW power rate. The thick bottom plate spread the heat from burner below. It has temperature control, which can set from 100°C up to 340°C for different cooking style.
All Main Burners are equipped with Safety Thermocouple accompanied by flame failure function. This appliance is suitable for multi tasking cooking: frying, boiling, until simmering.

Additional Information

Power Source




Power Consumption

18060 kCal/h


800 × 900 × 850 mm


161.000 g