Gas Fry Top NGFT 8-90 GR

Gas Fry Top NGFT 8-90 GR

sku: 0151087

Gas Fry Top is an excellent cooking appliance made of stainless steel frame supported by mild steel cooking plate that can withstand to salt and acid.
This appliance works with 16 kW power rate. Working temperature maintained by thermostat with maximum working temperature of 280°C.
This appliance is suitable for sautéing and shallow frying. All the burners are supplied by Safety Thermocouple. Featuring is removable clip joint to connect Grandis family product.
• Uniform heating with 20 mm thick SS420.
• H2 Cabinet Finishing.
• Option of smooth, grooved, and combination surface

Additional Information

Power Source




Power Consumption

13760 kCal/h


800 × 900 × 850 mm


136.000 g