Gas Fry Top NGFT 6-90 S GR

Gas Fry Top NGFT 6-90 S GR

sku: 0151085

Gas Fry Top with 10 kW power rate. Working temperature maintained by thermostat with maximum working temperature of 300°C.
Unit to be installed on open cabinet or similar elements, cantilever, or solid block solutions. Featuring removable clip joint to connect Grandis family product.
• Single zone plancha fry top with Steady State
Surface (SSS) heating system.
• Plancha fry top for multipurpose cooking and
easier transfer between cooking appliances.
• Uniform heating with 20 mm thick SS420.
• H2 Cabinet Finishing.
• Option of smooth and grooved

Additional Information

Power Source




Power Consumption

8600 kCal/h


600 × 900 × 850 mm