Food Processor & Blender Pro

Food Processor & Blender Pro

sku: 1903127

A unique combination of food processor and blender. The food processor, with a 1 litre capacity, makes effortless slicing, chopping and grinding of almost any food possible. The blender, with a 1.2 litre capacity, is particularly suited for making sauces, shakes, fruit juices and more. The powerful and super modern DC motor can be set to continual rotation with two different speeds, or pulse rotation. It can be operated by hand or by an electronic programme switch; ideal for crushing ice cubes. The electronic programme ensures a slow start, automatic power tuning and motor security. The food processor has a chopping blade, grating disc and slicing disc. The blender has a unique cyclone blade, that keeps ingredients in contact with the blade at all times, a glass jug and a handy refill cup in the lid. Including a practical storage drawer for all accessories and a safety switch.

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1.2 Litre


600 Watt


220 – 240 V


370 × 230 × 330 mm