Electric Bain Marie NEBM 8-90 GR

Electric Bain Marie NEBM 8-90 GR

sku: 0151119

Electric Bain Marie with 4 kW power rate. Water temperature maintained by thermostat with maximum working temperature of 90°C.
Unit to be installed on open cabinet or similar elements, cantilever, or solid block solutions. Featuring removable clip joint to connect Grandis family product.
• Heating system by silicon heating element
• Fitted for 2 GN 1/1 Pan
• Maximum working temperature of 900C.
• H2 Cabinet Finishing
• Manual refill of water in the basin
• Removable food pan
• Fully welded basin with water level marks
• Bowl with 200 mm of depth.

Additional Information

Power Source



20 A



Power Consumption

4 kW


800 × 900 × 850 mm


64.000 g