Cloth Filter Dripper 4 Cup

Cloth Filter Dripper 4 Cup

sku: 1162030


  • Get both the Woodneck Drip Pot and 3 extra filters together at one price^Maximum Diameter 110mm (4.3 in)
  • Height 195mm (7.7 in)
  • Opening Diameter 101mm (4 in)
  • Practical capacity 480ml (16.2 fl. oz) or 3 to 4 cups^Makes 3 to 4 cups^Heat resistant glass (resistant to smells) & natural wood make this both a very useful and stylish coffee maker^The Hario Woodneck comprises a one-piece receptacle/server
  • with a two-piece wooden collar
  • held in place with a leather tie
  • which is very easy to remove. A scoop with measuring lines and filter holder are also included (this set includes a total of four cloth filters).


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180 × 120 mm


300 g