30cm Wok, Tempura and Wooden Spatula NEZP-WK-30-P-XS

30cm Wok, Tempura and Wooden Spatula NEZP-WK-30-P-XS

sku: 1091669


  • Stainless steel, heat resistant and high temperature resistant,health and safety,not easy to rust. Excellent workmanship,fine welding, sturdy and durable.
  • When frying food, you can put the fried on the drain rack and drain the oil. The two can also be used as insulation racks
  • Made from heavyweight chrome wire; durable and heat safe (to 392-degrees Fahrenheit); won’t scratch surfaces; resists rust
  • Semi-circular design makes it easier to fit the pot edge,more stable. There are also three hooks that allow the drain rack to be combined with the pot edge,Don’t worry about loosening.
  • After the food is fried, it can be cleaned with detergent. After washing, there is no stain. It can be used repeatedly.


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300 mm






300 × 80 mm


724 g