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Gourmet House



Gourmet House, an outlet of new concept within Restomart which was established in January 10, 2008 with the vision to share culinary tips, cooking techniques and to provide special ingredients, tested recipes, premium kitchen equipments, utensils, tools and more to offer in assisting the  society to explore more about culinary art.

First outlet, opened in Semarang, had brought the deep impression to the society ranging from housewives, kiddies and office people towards their cooking passions. Seeing the enthusiasm of the society, we do not just stop here.. The second outlet was then opened in Jakarta early this year, 2016 to share more about the real culinary arts, secrets and techniques to be a Gourmet Master.

Cooking Class & Programmes


In Gourmet House, we bring daily cooking classes and variable programmes which are in pair with solid vision to enrich the society in their cooking passion.

Not only does the focus in developing the cooking programme, Gourmet House does share the latest update of culinary trend and technologies in which people can learn cooking and baking with professional kitchen equipments in comfortable and friendly kitchen integration as well as functional kitchen design.

In conjunction in exteriorizing our primary target, each Gourmet House was designed to bring premium culinary facilities consisting of cooking area, baking area as well as representative event area to encounter up to 50-100 people who would like to join talkshow, sharing, company event and many more….