Vcs-03B V60 Coffee Server 1000Ml

Vcs-03B V60 Coffee Server 1000Ml

sku: 1132015

The Hario V60 coffee server 1000 ml is a great tool to brew and serve delicious coffee for your family and friends. It is also great for cafés and baristas who need to brew coffee for several people. This server takes care of all your coffee brewing size concerns with the biggest 1 litre capacity.

The Hario v60 server fits all metal, glass and ceramic 03 size drippers. The deluxe quality glass with only natural components make this serverve truly special for brewing and serving coffee. The king of glass Hario makes heat resistant v60 servers that that are specifically made for V60 drippers.

Top Opening Diameter 92 mm

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1000 ml


137 × 185 × 157 mm