Gas Hot Top Plate with Oven NGHT 8-90 GR

Gas Hot Top Plate with Oven NGHT 8-90 GR

sku: 0151089

Gas Hot Top is an excellent cooking appliance made of stainless steel frame supported by a mild steel cooking plate. Hot Top made of thick 18 mm steel. The power rate of the appliance is of 14 kW of hot top, 8 kW of oven.
Unit is equipped with static oven in below and removable round plate, which provide area for direct flame cooking. Oven is operated by gas burner and Thermostatic gas valve. Working temperature of oven maintained by thermostat with maximum working temperature of 310°C.
Oven handle made from non heating material, to prevent burn injury during high temperature operation. All burners are atmospheric and supplied by mixture of liquid gas and air and natural gas and air. Main Burners ignition is carried by Pilot Burners.

Additional Information

Power Source




Power Consumption

18920 kCal/h


800 × 900 × 850 mm


180.000 g