Bread Maker BM450

Bread Maker BM450

sku: 1909662

This bread machine has a convection fan to control the temperature for an even bake and a rapid bake function that can have a loaf baked and ready in under an hour. The BM450 has a wide range of programs and an automatic ingredients dispensing system. It offers a 58-minute rapid bake function, 15 standard baking programmes and a further five that you can set yourself, to time each baking stage – pre-heating, kneading, rising and baking.

The BM450 Bread Maker has a number of extra features to help you create a greater range of breads. A 125g ingredients dispenser will automatically open and add ingredients at exactly the right moment. The fan-assisted baking system ensures an even baking temperature. Plus, you’ve a 15-hour delay timer that allows you to bake bread just in time for when you wake up or come home at the end of the day.

– Touch sense controls
– Ingredients dispenser has 125g capacity which automatically opens
– Unique Kenwood kneader
– 5 “Personal” program settings
– Fan Assisted Baking System
– Internal oven light allows to clearly see how your loaf is progressing
– 58 minute rapid bake loaf
– 15 standard programs including breads, doughs, cakes and jams

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1 kg


220 – 240 V

Power Consumption

780 Watt


385 × 235 × 315 mm


9500 g